Drake Confirms September Release Date For “Certified Lover Boy” Album

Drake Confirms September Release Date For “Certified Lover Boy” Album


Canadian rapper Drake has recently affirmed his highly anticipated album “Certified Lover Boy” will be out on Friday, September 3.

Days back, the famous rapper had “snuck” the release date into a Sportscenter broadcast, leaving numerous social media users and fans kidding that he’d hacked into Sportscenter frameworks to share the date.

For the people who believed that, they were astounded as the singer took to his Instagram page to share the same release date. The post showed multiracial pregnant ladies feeling their baby bump.

The message was sufficiently clear. Drake is “pregnant” and going to conceive an offspring (“Confirmed Lover Boy”). The inscription to the post peruses, word for word: “CERTIFIED LOVER BOY SEPTEMBER 3.”

The Canadian would not need to compete for that date with American companion turned foe Kanye West. He had moved the release date to September 3 also. Be that as it may, Universal Music chose to release the project days before now Kanye West asserted in a post to Instagram.

Indeed, it is unavoidable fans should think about the numbers of Drake’s and Kanye’s albums later given how they had battled about release dates for quite a long time before it finally dropped.